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Whether you're a first-time buyer or an experienced homeowner, buying a new home can be an exciting - but sometimes overwhelming - process.  At Salty Dog, we'll give you a clear and uncomplicated path to finding the home that feels like YOU.


We pride ourselves in not just finding our clients A HOME, but the neighborhood and community they'll fall in love with.  Read more about our buying process.

Find the current value of your home.

We are committed to ...

Finding you NOT JUST a home, but THE HOME.  

Most often, a buyer falls in love with the town, neighborhood or community before considering a move.

Using robots effectively. 

We understand that every one is in a different place in their life.  It is only commonsense to tailor the Buying Process to you.  We love technology but our approach is always to get to know you first in order to send you what matters.

Listen to your heart. 

As we browse homes, we will provide insight and protect your interests.  We have your back. However, when we find THE ONE, the ultimate decision about whether to move forward must be made from your HEART.  The heart knows when the search is over.  Haven't we all been there?

Do you know why clients love us?  Read about our buying process.



Ready To Make The Move?

Knowledge is power. We'll keep you up to date with local market trends and recent sales activities so you can buy and sell like a pro. 

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Just Getting Started?

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